1. Lean ways to test your new business idea →

    In ‘The Lean Startup’, Eric Ries describes a design process to help manage risk when developing new products and services under conditions of extreme uncertainty. This article describes three established user experience techniques we can use to support this design process: narrative storyboarding; paper prototyping; and the Wizard of Oz. — David Travis, March 5, 2012 

  2. “The responsibility of leadership is not to come up with all the ideas, but to create an environment in which great ideas can happen.”—Simon Sinek

    — http://uxmatters.com/mt/archives/2012/03/achieving-a-great-user-experience-starts-with-an-organizations-goals.php

  3. What Is User Experience Design? Overview, Tools And Resources →

    Check this out if you want to have a complete understanding of UX design.

  4. Four Key Principles of Mobile User Experience Design →

    Prior to becoming a senior UX designer at Popular Front Interactive, I spent two years as a mobile UX researcher within the Georgia Institute of Technology’s Mobile Technologies Group – a lab tasked with both future-casting and then rapidly prototyping innovative mobile experiences.

  5. Tips for Wireframing a Usable Mobile App Interface speckyboy.comTips for Wireframing a Usable Mobile App Interface  →

    The best way to start off a mobile application is through wireframing. This is a design process where you lay out each of the app’s views in detail. This could be just a rough sketch, but many designers will spend time going that extra step. Wireframing is all up to your personal decisions and how much pre-planning needs to be done. I’ve gone into some detailed tips below focusing on creative techniques for intuitive wireframe designs.

  6. 10 Powerful Management Insights from Apple, P&G, Yum Brands and Gilt Groupe →

    My book pile has begun to bulge with new “how we did it” books by managers from established, brand-name corporations — and one newer disruptive startup, the luxury-fashion, flash-sale ecommerce hit Gilt Groupe. So often these tomes are overflowing with self-aggrandizing blather, but, to my surprise, this crop has some useful tips on how to start and grow a successful business.

  7. Seung Chan Lim (Slim) has been working on this project for about 3 years that explores how the process of making works, what it means to make something, and why it matters to our lives.

    I found his research very interesting and inspiring…It’s one thing that we should keep in mind while making and designing or even interact with other people in our eveyday life, “Seek to understand”. It requires courage and vulnerability. Not easy, but so powerful.

  8. Design story: The Decanter by Landor Associates
    "The Decanter," a promotional film produced by Walter Landor and Associates in the 1960s, shows the start-to-finish process of several of Landor’s designs for Old Fitzgerald whiskey. Narrated by Walter himself, the film depicts creative teams illustrating and critiquing designs, industrial designers fabricating models, and research teams conducting focus groups and testing in Landor’s supermarket laboratory. All takes place on the famed Klamath ferryboat docked at San Francisco’s Pier 5, which housed Landor’s offices for some 20 years. (15:34 min)

  9. Brandon Schauer on Becoming a UX Manager →

    Brandon discusses the skill sets required to be a manager in the UX space today and how this translates into success with the interdisciplinary teams that make up most organizations. Brandon also articulates the necessity to differentiate that of a UX thought leader and a UX manager, as well as some of the top trends that are emerging in this young field for designers interested in making this transition.

  10. There are three types of people: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened.

    — Jeff Goldberg, Executive VP, EMC CORP

  11. Design Envy · Day One: Paul Mayne →

  12. Mobile Design: Comprehensive Gallery of the Most Popular Smartphone Designs →

    Great for finding inspiration and/or seeing how the best of the best have designed their mobile experiences.

    Organized by categories including navigations, signup flows, user profiles, commenting, activity feeds, etc. 

  13. Mobile Design Pattern Gallery →

    UI Patterns for iOS, Android and More / By Theresa Neil / O’Reilly Media, February 2012

    Explore 70 patterns with 400+ supporting examples from iOS, Android, BlackBerry, WebOS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian applications.

  14. Mobile User Experience Top 100 Resources  →

    Web Resources for Mobile User Experience Professionals

    Tutorials, guides, best practices, interactions, UI patterns, books, and other resources …

  15. Mobile User Experience Top 100 Resources  →

    Web Resources for Mobile User Experience Professionals

    Tutorials, guides, best practices, interactions, UI patterns, books, and other resources …